• Ayalá

Floating Feathers

Research found that whenever we're stressed, the brain reallocates resources to the primitive parts of the brain, prioritising primal emotions over abstract thinking. Breath awareness is one of the practices that helps to reduce stress level. Equipping children with tools to learn how to use their breath to help managing their stress level will benefit their whole well being. I often find myself during heated discussions with my boys that I feel I need to step back from the conversation and find back my breath. I especially like it when they remind me to take some deep and soft breaths when they see me stressed or too upset about something. Different practices which bring awareness to our breath is truly a gift for life. 💫 One of my favourite practices for breath awareness, especially with young children, is using feathers. Using feathers is such an easy and fun way to practice breath awareness with children. It allows them to immediately see the effect of their breath and if you don’t have any feathers then you can use tissues or cotton wool. Try this with your child: *Put a feather on the floor and see how they can move it using little soft breaths through the mouth. Try and make the exhale as long as you can so the feather travels further. *Hold the feather in your hand and ask them to blow on it as slowly as they can. Get them to start at the base of the feather and see if they can get all the way to the top with one breath. Can they blow up and down the feather using one long exhale? *Ask your child to cup the feather in their hands and using their exhale, make the feather dance and move in between their palms. Then ask them to see if they can blow harder and let the feather leave their hands and fly. *Blow the feather into the air while lying with the back on the floor. How high can it go? I just love Suzy Reading's self-care for children challenge. Head over to her page suzyreading.co.uk to read her brilliant ideas.