My offering includes a range of workshops which are suitable for yoga teachers, schools and nursery teachers, parents and families.

These workshops enchantingly link yoga and self expression, mindful movement and creative activities to the daily interactions that you, as a parent, career or a teacher, have with the child.

​My goal is to provide you with fun and easy-to-use tools to help you better understand that yoga can be used as a foundation for encouraging creativity, imagination and self expression in children and adults.

Family Yoga

Connected by Love and Compassion

Sunday 10-11.15am

Come and join a fascinating and magical family yoga workshop where you will be invited to explore the many ways in which yoga can enhance creativity and self-expression. The focus of this workshop will be on love and compassion. You will enjoy the wonders of family yoga through creative partner yoga (adult and child), playful yoga games, the Enchanted Wonders A-Z Cards ,mindfulness moments, delicious relaxation and art related activity.

Open to all levels.