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Empowering Children through

Yoga and Creativity


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Enchanted Wonders - 
Children's Yoga
Teacher Training 


50-hour registered teacher training

Weekend One: 5th - 7th November 2021

Weekend Two: 10th-12 December 2021


Being creative is a skill that contributes dramatically to children’s well-being and development.

This children’s yoga teacher training course was created to harness this skill. Unique and taught in a ‘live online’ format, the course equips participants with the knowledge and tools needed to share the magic of yoga with kids aged 2-12.


Covering a range of teaching techniques and approaches to teaching yoga to children, participants learn how to empower kids through yoga by stimulating their creativity and curiosity, supporting their well-being, and acknowledging their inner beauty.

Run over 6 days, it is a comprehensive and registered 50-hour yoga teacher training course. It is ideal for yoga teachers who are looking to add or deepen their ability to work with children; teachers, education professionals, carers and anyone working with children.

The training is accredited by Enchanted Wonders LTD, Yogacampus, Yoga Alliance professional UK and YACEP by Yoga Alliance US

Click here to read the full course prospectus.



I absolutely loved everything about your course Ayala.

From  the way you planned it to how much love and encouragement you give to everyone.  The fact it was on zoom worked perfectly for me.

I wish I could always remember everything you taught us, especially around self compassion.

I loved having the time and space to work on ourselves - to bring out our creativity, take us out of our comfort zone and to go inwards.

Much respect and gratitude for you Ayalá.

L.A Graduate 

July 2020 Online Training

Amazing Course!

I am grateful for your warmth and forgiving, giving, relaxing and open style of teaching, this was a unique part of any training I have been on...

(and I have been on many...)!

The course material was fantastic and comprehensive -

a real piece of work, a true

 offering and clear;y a labor of love.

S.P Graduate 

July 2020 Online Training

S.B Graduate 

July 2020 Online Training

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