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Children's Yoga and Mindfulness 

Empowering Children through Yoga and Creativity (ECYC)

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50 hr Course - Online and in Person  

18-19 August 2023 9.30-17.30 online

22nd September 2023 10.00-13.30 online

29th September 2023 10.00-13.30 online

13-14 October 2023 9.30-17.30 In person

Investment: £645

Early Bird: £595 until 30th May

* You will be transferred to Enchanted to complete payment.

You will receive

  • 50 hours accredited children yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance YACEP

  • Love and tender care for you and the children

  • Support to tap into your own creativity through yoga 

Enchanted Wonders’ Children Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training is a 5-day comprehensive registered and accredited children’s yoga teacher training (50 hours) that will equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to share the magic of yoga and mindfulness with children (2-12 years old) and empower them by stimulating their creativity and curiosity, supporting their well-being, and acknowledging their inner beauty.

This Children’s Yoga and Mindfulness teacher training focuses on ‘sharing’ rather than ‘teaching’ yoga and mindfulness with children in an inclusive way. It is based on progressive and experiential methods which are designed to help bring out the best in children, while acknowledging the emotional and mental challenges many children are facing these days.

According to UNICEF, children and young people could feel the impact of COVID-19 on their mental health and well-being for many years to come.

Enchanted Wonders’ trainings are committed to adapt their trainings accordingly and create a content which is suitable to today’s needs of both children and teachers.


As such, the core of the training combines science and research based therapeutic yoga practices together with the underlying idea that we are all born creative with an inherent curiosity. This unique approach, we believe, provides children and adults with the ability to be connected to our own creativity, allows us to find solutions to everyday issues, see two sides of the coin, take risks and face fears.

Nourishing these traits contribute dramatically to the well-being of children and teens as well as adults.

Course overview:

The course will focus on delivering new methods of sharing yoga and mindfulness to children at the different age groups (2-5 years, 5-8 years, and 8-12 years) moving progressively from one group to the next with creativity and well-being as the anchor for the training.

With covid implication at the background this course has adapted to children’s todays needs. It challenges the traditional teaching paradigm and encourage an innovative learning environment, recognising the importance of social and emotional learning which includes self compassion, self care, connection and creativity.

Studies have shown that yoga including breathing practices and guided mindfulness based activities can help reduce stress, anxiety, reactivity, and improve sleep, and self-esteem while bringing about a greater sense of calmness and self-awareness in children. We believe that fostering creativity and self compassion in children through yoga and mindfulness contributes directly to the positive development of cognitive skills and the ability to build meaningful relationships with those around them.

Course Content:

  • Delving into the connection between yoga, creativity and anxiety

  • Introduction to therapeutic breathing practices for children

  • The impact of covid on children’s mental health

  • How to encourage creativity and curiosity in children using yoga and mindfulness to support their wellbeing

  • Yamas and Niyamas in children’s yoga classes

  • The power of mindful self compassion and affirmations

  • Self-care for children and their carers

  • The use of different learning aids and their benefits

  • Specific modified restorative yoga practices for children

  • Learning to share creative guided relaxation with children

  • Mindfulness as an everyday tool

  • Discovering the relationship between self-practice and intuitive teaching

  • Pranayama and breath awareness practices

  • Self regulation and co-regulation

  • Experimental anatomy and the stages in child development

  • Enhancing connection through parter yoga

  • Verbal and nonverbal communication

  • Riding the waves of class management

  • Setting up a class and teaching ethos

  • Yoga in Schools and different settings

  • Introduction to yoga for children with neurodiverse needs

  • Starting to set up your own business

The course combines an in-depth online sessions with course work between modules (a total of 11 hours).

That was created in order to help participants continue and develop their knowledge and practice outside the course.

The emphasis on combining yoga and creativity is designed to create an environment for experimental learning, an opportunity to look inwardly and meet yourself with authenticity.

Ayala’s hope is that this space will open door to your heart in order to support you finding and connecting to your own creativity as an adult so you can share full heartedly with children.

The course will incorporate:

  • An Enchanted Wonders PDF course manual.

  • Recorded session of children’s class led by Ayala.

  • A chance to practice with your peer group while on the course.

  • Plenty of opportunities to connect with your peer group and explore together the different practices that have been shared.

  • Guest teacher to enhance the learning in the field of yoga and anxiety

Graduates from this training are offered ongoing support by Ayala with free Zoom sessions run monthly.

Reading list:

1. Enchanted Wonders A-Z cards*

2. Self Compassion by Kristin Neff

*After registration you will be given a discount code to purchase the Enchanted Wonders A-Z cards at a price of £10

 instead of £15)


All equipment including yoga props, yoga mats and additional learning aids will be available for you while in person. 


In order to become a certified and accredited Enchanted Wonders children's yoga teacher you will need:

  • Attend all sessions;

  • Complete all assignments during the training and between the modules.


You will receive an Enchanted Wonders certificate of completion following full participation in all aspects of the course. This certificate detail CPD hours eligible as YACEP for Yoga Alliance USA.

* You will be transferred to Enchanted to complete payment.

Guest teacher: Lisa Kaley Isley PhD, E-RYT-500, C-IAYT

Yoga for Children’s Anxiety

Children’s anxiety is becoming an epidemic. How can we support children’s mental health and equip them with tools to deal with anxiety and even prevent it?
You will learn about the Anatomic Nervous System and understand how anxiety develops.
You will explore and get tools to better understand how creativity can become a game changer in preventing children’s anxiety while practicing yoga.


Dr. Lisa Kaley-Isley is a clinical psychologist and certified Yoga Therapist who integrates the wisdom and techniques of both eastern and western philosophy and psychology to understand the human condition, alleviate suffering and promote holistic growth and transformation.

She is a dedicated yoga practitioner and experienced yoga teacher in the Sri Vidya tradition of the Himalayan Institute, as taught by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Rolf Sovik, and Rod Stryker.

Lisa studied Yoga Therapy with Gary Kraftsow of American Viniyoga in the lineage of TKV Desikachar and Sri Krishnamacharya. She has conducted and published yoga research and presented on various yoga topics at conferences around the world.

Lisa co wrote with Michelle Fury the chapter on Children and Adolescents on Yoga for Mental Health by Heather Mason and Kelly Birtch.

Lisa is a founding member of the Global Consortium on Yoga Therapy (GCYT) and a member of the Accreditation Committee of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT). Lisa is also a member of the teaching faculty at the Yoga Therapy Institute. 

We would love to answer any question you might have so please don't hesitate to reach out directly to and we hope to meet you in one of our courses.


I absolutely loved everything about your course Ayala.

From  the way you planned it to how much love and encouragement you give to everyone.  The fact it was on zoom worked perfectly for me.

I wish I could always remember everything you taught us, especially around self compassion.

I loved having the time and space to work on ourselves - to bring out our creativity, take us out of our comfort zone and to go inwards.

Much respect and gratitude for you Ayalá.

L.A Graduate 

July 2020 Online Training

Amazing Course!

I am grateful for your warmth and forgiving, giving, relaxing and open style of teaching, this was a unique part of any training I have been on...

(and I have been on many...)!

The course material was fantastic and comprehensive -

a real piece of work, a true

 offering and clear;y a labor of love.

S.P Graduate 

July 2020 Online Training

S.B Graduate 

July 2020 Online Training

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