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During my children yoga classes, I have noticed that if I manage to create a safe and happy space that includes trust, acceptance and respect towards the children, their creativity and self expression flourish.


I believe we are all born creative and all we need to do is find ways to maintain this incredible asset and turn it into a strength. Allowing children to identify this strength within them, will allow them to be able to fully express themselves and be happy in their own skin and manifest their best version. 


This is the idea that stands behind the Enchanted Wonders A-Z cards which I have created together with my friend and amazing illustrator - Dikla Calo-Henkin. 


The tried and tested cards include the 26 alphabet letter cards, each of which combines a yoga pose with creative language, enchanting illustrations and carefully crafted question which invites a conversation with the child. ​In addition there are 10 number cards with game suggestions which are designed to develop children’s imagination and creative thinking.


The cards invite adults and children to enjoy shared yoga inspired activities in safe space where there are no rights or wrongs. Each card is designed to draw out the children’s magnificent creativity and imagination while combing the invaluable benefits of yoga and mindfulness. 

Published in 2015, the Enchanted Wonders A-Z cards were immediately recognised by parents and teachers worldwide winning the 2015 Product of the Year Awards by Creative Child Awards and shortlisted for the 2015 Junior Design Awards. 

Today the cards are sold online and in leading bookshops and yoga studios across the UK, Australia, Philippines and Europe. 

You can get your own set at Amazon or at 

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