My Yoga Journey

I was pregnant with my second child when I started practising yoga. 

I felt at home in the practice, I felt happy, replenished, peaceful, excited, on a peak at the top of the world. True, I was pregnant but still… 

It felt that these yoga classes were just what my body, mind and the little human being inside me needed.
As I started practising on a regular basis, I wanted to better understand the nature of that special feeling that I felt in every cell of my body. I realized that I was thinking yoga, speaking yoga, dreaming yoga. Everyone has their own journey and my journey along the meandering river involved teaching ballet and sport, working as a designer, and is now learning and sharing the wonder that is yoga. I believe that everything in life happens for a reason - and you either manage to see the little pebbles alongside the river and gather them up, or you don’t…

My Teaching

I feel very grateful that a big part of my teaching involves working with children from an early age. I have noticed  the fascinating way they explore new movements for the first time....the first time they feel the sticky mat with their feet and hands…the first time they sit on a bolster (there are so many ways to do it!)…the first time they bend forward and reach to tickle their toes…They enjoy exploring a movement over and over again until they master it in their own way.

I bear this idea of exploring, repeating and mastering in mind throughout my own practice when I begin my own practice: I take nothing for granted and treat my movements as if I am making them for the first time as a toddler.  

I was fortunate to enjoy the teaching of an inspiring teacher, Judith Hanson Lasater, who quoted Margaret Mead: ‘Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.’

This is the deepest message I try to give my students. I would love them to experience their true selves. I encourage all my students to do what they really feel like doing during the class because this is what works for them best in any given moment. Adults are sometimes bound by conventions and will follow the teacher's instructions even if deep down they know a pose or asana are not good for them. With young children it is easier and straight forward — if they don’t want to do something during class, they won't do it.  However, if they like what you invite them to do, they will do it with an open heart and wide open eyes. It makes every class unique and forces me to stayed tuned to my students regardless of their age. I love it!

My teaching doesn’t only apply to my students.  Sharing yoga with others means constantly learning and improving as a yoga practitioner and I believe that self practice is a key factor in this. As such my self-practice constantly evolves and it includes mediation, mindfulness, yoga nidra and restorative poses in addition to my asana practice.

My Inspirations

Amazingly, my yoga path has taken me back to my creative roots when I worked as a designer. I have published the Enchanted Wonders series, which includes e-books and A-Z Yoga Cards aimed at enhancing creativity, self-expression and imagination in young children. The books were very much inspired by my constant yoga evolution over the last two decades of experience with thousands of toddlers, children and families. I am constantly in awe to see how my yoga practice and way of life contributes to my day to day work as a yoga teacher, mentor and author, and in return, the work I do influences my yoga teaching.

My Influencers

I have been fortunate to learn from many inspiring yoga teachers over the years and each one of them gave me something for life:

Rod Stryker — Heart Observation.

Jyoti Manual —  Self Compassion.

Judith Henson Lasater — Ease.

Charlotta Chandrika Martiness — Acceptance.

Doug Keller — Exploration.

Sarah Litten — Determination. 

Catriona Brokenshire — Peacefulness

Shirley Bentwich — Enthusiasm.

In addition, I am grateful for all the children I have worked with and especially my own three wonderful boys, who are amazing teachers for me — filling me with curiosity and playfulness.

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