My Yoga Journey 

Ayalayoga Ayala Homossany

I am an explorer, a seeker, and a student of life and as such, I aim to channel my learnings and share them with my students whether they are adults, families, toddlers, children, teens or children with special needs. My priority is to encourage my students, regardless of age and abilities, to appreciate themselves, find their own inner voice, stay playful and nourish their imagination and creativity through yoga.


My journey along the meandering river involved dancing classical ballet, being a sport instructor, working as a packaging designer, and eventually learning and sharing the wonder that is yoga. I have been teaching and sharing yoga since 2003 specialising in practicing with families, toddlers, children, teens, and children with special needs.


Over the past two decades my passion has been exploring the link between yoga and creativity and how it can support our mental health. My research and learnings lead me to develop a unique way of bringing yoga and creativity together and sharing it with children, adults and families as a way to support their well-being.


With an unyielding appreciation for the creative elements that yoga entails, my yoga path has taken me back to my creative roots and in 2015 I have published the award winning Enchanted Wonders A-Z Yoga Cards, which are yoga and mindfulness activities aimed at enhancing creativity, self-expression and imagination in children and families. The Enchanted Wonders cards were very much inspired by my constant yoga discovery and evolution over the last two decades and the experiences I had with thousands of toddlers, children and families.  The cards are part of the Enchanted Wonders™ series, which includes e-books and an A-Z yoga poses poster for children.


I am constantly sharing yoga, mediation and creativity in leading yoga studios such as The Life Centre and Yoga Campus. I teach privately, online as well as on the Journey Inwards App, and Silatha App. My yoga practice has been influenced by my teachers past and present and most deeply from the living lineage of Tantric Hatha Yoga and Sri Vidya as taught by Yogarupa Rod Stryker and Pandit Rajmani Tigunait.


I am an accredited BWY teacher, Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance UK and a registered E-RYT, YECAP with Yoga Alliance US having completing my teacher training with Yoga Campus in 2005.  I hold a in Design and Design Education with honours from HIT (Holon Institute technology).


I am deeply grateful for all the teachers including my three gorgeous sons and all the children who have inspired and enriched my life and practice over the years. 

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