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16th June  2023 - In person
10.00-16.00 (UK Time)
Maximum of 8 participants.

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* You will be directed to for payment

I am excited to offer this fantastic workshop in person where we will be exploring the process of breathing, the autonomic nervous system and the relationship between stress and breath.

We will ponder on the question: does taking deep breath means breathing better?

Find creative ways how to support children’s wellbeing and their carers through breath work by making the knowledge and the practices accessible in your classes and in your daily life using breathing practices, art related activities and more.

This is an interactive workshop, done in an intimate and personalised structure connecting together people who are excited and curious to learn about breath.  There will be plenty of opportunities to share practices with one another, ask questions and experiment. 

Some of the topics we will cover are:

* Introduction to the process of breathing;

* The relationship between stress and breathing;

* How do we share this information with children;

* Putting it all together.

I keep numbers for the workshop low in order to allow space to work with individual needs and make the workshop personalised.

All materials and props for the workshop will be given on the day.

Upon completion of the workshop you will receive a certificate noting that you are accredited with 5 CPD points.

This workshop is suitable for yoga teachers, children yoga teachers, occupational therapists, school teachers and other professionals who are working with children. 

After registration you will receive email with  instruction how to get to my garden studio in N12 London.


Investment - £108 

* You will be directed to for payment

Therapeutic Breathing Practices for Children 

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Introduction to Yoga and Creativity for Children

Project Name

Join Ayala to discover how adults can support and maintain a high level of creativity in children, so that they can grow up and stay connected to their creativity? In this workshop we will explore the different ways yoga enables us to hold and create an enriching environment for children and how to use yoga to help enhance traits and skills in children to help unfold their creativity

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